Sunday, August 5, 2007

cooking dinner now. and blogging. blooking?
had a nice sunday. ran with e for the first time in a LONG time in her jogging stroller. the horseshoe bend hills (not to mention the oppressive heat) killed me. our next door neighbor was nice enough pump the tires of the cobwebby stroller and give us some water for the run. they must have thought i was nuts to go out for a run at 11:30. they may not be so wrong. :)
lunch with the johnsons. e and elise are two peas in a pod.....nutso and love to be wild. can't wait for them to move to the roswell.
had lunch in old part of town. so many condos and million dollar houses there these days. my old (hoody) apartment is still going strong though. long live "the lakes".

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