Monday, August 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Back from our little trip up to Boston for the weekend (and Monday.) We had a great time. Saw Mike's family..pretty much everyone. Ella saw her first Red Sox game on Saturday night and had a blast. She wore her Red Sox cheerleader outfit and I think Mike's heart melted a bit seeing her doing a cheer for his beloved Sox and looking so freaking cute, too.

Busy weekend....happy to get 3 runs in with Mike, his brother (Kevin -- training for NYC marathon....fresh off his 3:22 race there last year. Smoking fast.), and Amy (Mike's younger sister -- a great, fast runner, too. training for some reach the beach relay though sounds tough in sept.) Needless to say the runs were somewhat quick. It is inevitable that someone picks the pace up on the agreed upon "slow" pace and the rest of the group has too much pride to protest. :) Oh well, nice to get some fast runs in NOT on the treadmill.

I think I ate all of Boston this weekend. Ugh. Thanks to Amy and Nate for letting us take over their house (or Nate's house). Thanks for taking a nap with E. Precious. Thanks also to Tmo and Bmo for pretty much paying for everything all weekend. We appreciate it!

Will post some pics later when I download them.

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