Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love it.

Few things I am loving lately.
1. Flight of the Conchords -- Anyone seen this new show on HBO? Has me cracking up like a monkey every Sunday night. Watch it. I have a crush on Jemaine and his dancing.
2. New Foo Fighters song -- The Pretender -- great one to run/bike most Foos songs are. Can't wait for the full album in Sept.
3. Athleta and Title Nine -- such cute clothes. Want to buy everything in the catalogue. Seriously. Want the whole thing.
4. The Kite Runner/A thousand splendid suns -- awesome books. So sad/riveting. Just read both of them. Hard to put down.

4 is all I've got today. Good workouts so far this weekend. Early AM swim with Michelle. Run after pushing E. Went down to Riverside to avoid pushing 30+ pounds of stroller and toddler up the hills around here. Good call. 50 minutes with the stroller on the flats nearly killed me. Uncle Kevin is here this week...hanging out and cracking E up.


Drago said...

If you want to get a first hand look at every product Athleta sells, you should come take a look in my wife's closet.

JP said...

As if Athleta wasn't enough, the Title Nine Fall Catalog arrived on Friday!!! Hoodies unite!