Thursday, August 2, 2007


Poor, poor Annabelle. Our 9 year old Golden has been bitten FOR THE 4TH TIME by a brown recluse spider. The vet said they never saw a dog get bitten twice and our poor baby has gotten it 4 times. She must nose them out or something. She's no genius, I see her attempting to catch bees in her mouth all the time. She's pretty sick...her neck is a mess of blood, puss and necrotic dying skin. Nice, huh? I promise not to post pictures. She's should be able to shoot webs from her paws any day now...poor Belly.

Workouts are going well. Missed some while at the lake. 1:20 on the bike yesterday and 40 min fartlek. Hour swim this AM.

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JP said...

Poor Belly!! We are thinking about you! Ever since Alex found out about Brown Recluse spiders they've been his worst nightmare, no joke! Hope she is feeling better soon!