Monday, August 27, 2007

Uncle Seven....

aka Mike's brother, Kevin, to E. He's been staying with us for a week and has spent a lot of qt with E lately. He got to see her in rare form yesterday (up until 10:30 the night before and no nap.) Wow. We might have scared him off kids forever.

Workouts have been pretty good lately. Got to bike with Michelle on Friday AM. She is my idol on the fear and very comfortable. She's not afraid of anything out afraid of everything. BIG contrast. Nice, relaxing ride though and it gives me inspiration! Thanks, Michelle. :)

Spin class this AM and run tonight. Forgot how tough spin can be....been a while.


Michelle said...

Thanks to you for meeting me out there - I wouldn't have gone if not for your company!

Amanda said...

Let's make sure we are all clear...Amanda is definitely taller than the Bug!