Friday, August 31, 2007

Love it.

A weekly thing now? Maybe. Got some more cool things that I love.....this week.

1. Crocs -- Love these ugly as sin shoes. E wears them all the time and I do too. Just saw on their website that they make Red Sox crocs and Wake Forest crocs. What other shoes could you ever need? Plus, the jibbetz (the things you put in them) are so cute. E has about 20 on her 3 pairs.

2. Macs -- Mike would fight me on this, but macs rock. Ibook? Yes. .mac account? Sure. Iphone? PLEASE!! ICar? Just read yesterday that apple and volkswagon are in talks to create an They are just so user friendly and I love the applications.

3. Asheville -- Love this place. Mike and I are excited. We just bought land up there (closed on it this week!) to build a vacation cabin. 10 mins outside downtown Asheville, but still in the mountains. There's a real live buffalo across the street from the place. Seriously.

4. Fiber One Bars -- 150 calories of deliciousness. Try them. Yum.

5. Dry Fit Race Shirts -- I LOVE that races are doing this. I have drawers and drawers of too big cotton race tees that never get worn. I wear my dry fit race shirts ALL THE TIME. Great trend.

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy the long weekend.

Heading to the gym in a minute to run and swim some. Bike's at all3sports right now, so hoping to get it back to ride tomorrow. Had some gear rubbing issues.

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