Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I am sitting in our den typing this to the broken record of "MOMMA DAW, MOMMA DAW". Apparently, drawing, to Ella, is not a solo activity. If I take the crayon off the page, she starts again. Oh wow. Gonna be a long day at the hands of this 2 year old tyrant. :)
Easy workout week this week. My schedule has me tapering for the Acworth Women's Sprint race this weekend. Awesome. Tapering from what exactly though? My last 2 weeks of workouts have been less than challenging with travel and a cold. Oh well...we'll see how it goes. I always think it is funny that they call sprints a sprint....seriously, it is over an hour long race. I can't sprint for that long.
Heading out to meet Lauren for a swim in a bit. Then off to Roswell Bikes for packet pickup then to the vet to check on Spiderwoman's (Annabelle) face. She's SO much better. All the skin on her face is now falling off. Which is good.

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