Thursday, February 7, 2008

14 weeks

14 weeks along today. Well entrenched in the best trimester and happy to be here. I think the baby is supposed to be the size of a lemon these days. I was hoping for bigger since my regular pants are just not fitting anymore. Well, they fit, but they're tight. I hate tight clothes, so I opted for buying bigger sizes of pants. My closet is a joke, it spans about 5 sizes, to allow for my expanding belly. My old maternity clothes are just too big now.

Decided to grab an outdoor run in the beautful, crisp (um, cold) weather this morning. E goes to school on Thursdays, so it was my chance to get out and run. The Hellish Horseshoe Bend loop...40 minutes of pain. I am supposed to stay "conversational", meaning able to hold a conversation during working out. Not sure if I accomplished this, but I had a great run anyway. Pace is slow and the hills are even slower, but I am thankful and happy to be out there. A few short weeks ago, I was home crashing on the couch every time E was at school.

Here's my happy, finished with my run self.

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Alicia Parr said...

Hooray on the run and no puking! The baby may be the size of a lemon, but the uterus is quite a bit bigger, so keep that in mind. :)