Saturday, February 23, 2008


Things are definitely changing these days for my ever growing self (and baby.)

Mostly physical changes. For some reason, I am much less um, hormonal (aka crazy) this time than the last time 'round. (Mike, I am sure, is thankful for that. He has some good stories about me crying at the grocery store because I tried to take over 100 items into the self check out aisle. Yeah, the limit is 10.)

Belly has definitely "popped" this week. Some lady I kind of know at the gym mentioned it to me today. "You grew since last week". Now, that would have BUGGED the sh%@ out of me in my last pregnancy, but I don't really care this time. My thinking is that we all end up in the same place....HUGE at 8 and 9 what does it matter what you look like at 4 months?

Moving steadily into maternity clothes now. I scored big time with the most comfortable pants from Izzy Maternity. I love them. Expensive, but well worth it, seeing as they have become my unofficial uniform. (black pants, sneakers, pink fleece and an Ironman hat.) "What Not to Wear" would have a field day with me.

Low back pains have started...already?? Sheesh. I had a great chiropractor last time around and have to find a new one. There was not much that made me feel comfortable in the last few months last time around except getting an adjustment. Plus, it was the ONLY place where I could lie on my stomach (they drop the middle panel out of the table) and it feels soooo good.

Mike and I did our regular Saturday AM swim today. Didn't have a great one....for some reason, my back hurts A LOT when I swim. I think I took it out too hard (my stupid and competitive self doesn't want Mike to beat me on our sets, so I probably overdid it.) and had to quit after about 30 minutes. Damn. :( He's out now for a 80 minute run. I am at home with a napping E reading "Exercising Through Your Pregnancy". Interesting read so far.

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