Friday, February 29, 2008


In addition to the myriad changes in pregnancy, one of the coolest ones, I think, is the pregnancy dreams. I have such vivid, realistic dreams during these months. Its one of the few things I wish I could have all the time about pregnancy.

Two nights ago, I had a unbelievably realistic dream that we had a the most angelic (well behaved) little girl. Easy labor with no pain followed by a baby that didn't cry and slept through the night. Only in my dreams, I am sure.

Last night, I dreamt (dreamed?) that Mike decided he was Leaving a pregnant wife. Cool guy, huh? :) Well, that one was not so good...just as realistic, but not a fun one.

So, I was saying the other day that my belly has "popped". Here's the proof. Picture is me (and hopefully angelic baby) at 17 weeks along.

Got to see Lauren S. and her little boy, Davis, at lunch today. He's so cute! 4 months old and smells so good and is so soft. I forgot how good they smell. Lauren also has this awesome move where she cradles Davis in her crossed car seat needed, her hands are free, baby is happy. So cool. Lauren -- you've got to post a picture of this.

Random hike picture with our friends, Justin and Emma, from last weekend. E loves her hikes...but not as much as Annabelle. She goes nuts. Loves being off leash.

Mike kept saying all day long (after this dip in the Chattahoochee) that Annabelle smelled like a "diarrhea factory". Had me cracking up every time.

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Alicia Parr said...

Cute belly pic. I'm still bigger than you and at just under 14 weeks. :)