Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone has a great day with loved ones. No big, romantic plans here...just a nice dinner at home with the three of us. I am making bruscetta chicken with risotto -- so kind of special -- will post the recipe here if it is any good. We'll go out just the two of us on Saturday night to where else? My fave.....Pure Taqueria. Although, I am super sad that there is no strawberry margarita allowed for me there.

E and I got some pretty flowers from Daddy yesterday. Thanks, Mike.

Oh, here's a belly pic of me at 15 weeks. Nothing huge yet, but just wait. At (almost) 5'4" that belly will soon take over. Or as Mike likes to say it will be "out to China".

Strange swim today. After 20 minutes, my back was hurting. Not terribly, but I am not so good at determining between "good" and "bad" hurting ESPECIALLY in pregnancy. Normally, I would have sucked it up, but I wasn't sure if it was swimming related or baby related pain, so I quit. Turns out it was swimming. Oh well, not about me anymore.....gotta do what's best for the little lemon inside.


Alicia Parr said...

You're tiny. I'm bigger than you already and I'm only at 10 weeks.

Kate Parker said...

I am sure my "back" is bigger than yours though, Alicia! :)

Drago said...

I'm bigger than you just from doing my 8 month triathlon taper.