Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cheat Night....

....can't wait. Saturday night is our "cheat night" meaning we eat whatver we want to for dinner. The (sad and pathetic) highlight of our week. :) Mike's go to dessert is peanut butter M&M's. Me? I am more of the straight fruity, sugary candies ala sour patch kids and spree. Yum.

My Mom (thanks, Mom!) is sitting for E tonight so movie (Definitely, Maybe) and dinner for the grown ups. Yay. After two of Mike's choices at the movies (There Will Be Blood/No Country for Old Men) it is definitely as Ella likes to say, "MY TURN". So, chick flick it is. I spent half of "No Country" with my eyes and ears was really good, but I am a scaredy cat. Too tense for me.

Awesome swim this morning with Mike. First 2000 yard workout in a LONG time for both of us. We did a swim workout out of "Her Sports" Magazine (awesome read....I am going to subscribe.) and it was no joke. Main set was 10x100 at threshold and we were smoked at the end. A good kind of tired, which I have missed lately. I am done for the day (now happy to catch the re-broadcast of Kona right now) , Mike's heading down to the trainer, the hard worker that he is. :)

Enjoy your weekends!

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