Monday, February 4, 2008

Starting the week out right

Going on my 5th day of not throwing up. (Woo Hoo!) Had a comfortable, long-ish run for me on the treadmill. My pace is slowing and slowing and today I just gave in and decided to go with what my body wanted (9:22 minute miles) as opposed to what my brain thinks I should run (faster). My body was happy to let me run 40 minutes instead of the 30 I've be doing lately.

Gotta listen to the body more, I guess.

I ran across this blog on runnersworld and I've been hooked. Check it out.
She's pregnant and a runner. Wonder why I am interested. :) Nice to see like minded moms (and moms to be) out there and talking about what they're doing and how they're feeling.

Mike's heading up to the Sports Factory tonight to get his bike and run VO2 Max tested. I am very, very jealous. I've never done this and plan on it once I start back training again. Sounds like a tough night for Mr. Parker. Good luck, honey.


Joe Reger said...

Well that's kinda funny... Marc and I were just in with Matt this morning for some testing action. Congrats on the fifth day sans throwing up!

Aunt Med said...

yeah on the puke free days!!!!! like the new layout. looks snazzy...