Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sad Day

We had a sad day yesterday. We lost two dogs in our family. Both goldens and both awesome dogs.

We had to say goodbye to Max --- he didn't live with us, but we felt like he was ours...at least partly, we watched him a lot. E loved him. Whenever he wasn't here she would ask about him. "Where'd Max go? I miss Max. Where's my udder dog?" We got the call that he wasn't doing well and went over to say goodbye. So sad. He just wasn't there. Didn't move or wag his tail or even move his head. Poor little guy. We said our goodbyes and he passed a few hours later. Taking a walk later in the day, we ran across two really light colored goldens running around chasing a ball. The both looked a lot like Max and Ella stood up in her wagon and so excitedly said, "It's Max! Max not sick anymore!" Ugh. Talk about killing me and Mike. :( Maxie we miss you. You were such a good dog. Hope you're in doggie heaven following your big brother, Boomer around.

This is a picture of the cake topper from our wedding. Max is the groom and Belly is the bride. Yeah, we're big dog people.

My brother, Dave, and his family in Chicago also lost their golden, Maddy, yesterday. He's got 4 kids and they were all really affected by it. She was an awesome dog (aren't all goldens?). Funny, chubby and full of piss and vinegar. She and her big brother, Cody, are the reason I got Annabelle (my 9 year old Golden). Hope you guys are all doing better today.

Toss the ball around today with your dog. Give them kisses and tell 'em you love them. They leave too soon.

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Joe Reger said...

Sorry to hear that Kate. We had a similar experience losing Bear last year and seeing Ava say goodbye to a lethargic Bear was by far the hardest part. You'll be in our thoughts.