Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter Wednesday

Sure feels like winter in Atlanta today. Woke up to a dusting of snow on the front lawn and the rooftops around here. Ella dragged me from the kitchen this morning to show me that it snowed. Poor little southern kid. She doesn't really know what real snow looks like. (Not that I am complaining, you couldn't drag me back to living in NJ -- where I grew up.) No offense NJ, I just hate the cold.

Okay. Seriously. I am 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow...and I. AM. STILL. THROWING. UP. What the eff??? I know nausea is a good sign and everything. And I am glad for it. But, let's talk about this, little baby. Please. I am tired of having two breakfasts. I stopped throwing up, for good, at 13 weeks with E. Although, I will deal with a little puking in the AM if it means I have energy the rest of the day.....which has been the case most of the time.

We find out in a few weeks if this little puke machine is a boy or a girl. Yes, we are finding out. I can't wait to find out what I am getting for my birthday presents, much less news this big. I am thinking boy. Mike is getting a girl feeling. We'll see....we're cool either way. Although, I was a little freaked out the other day changing our 1 year old neighbor's diaper...he's a boy. I was like, wow....THIS is different. Just kind of shocked me. I am sure I will adapt if need be though. :)

Speaking of changing diapers....we're still working with E on potty training. This kid has zero interest. Zero. We've tried everything. I pulled out all the stops today and got some "big girl" underwear and a new Elmo potty at Target. Any and all advice is welcomed! We'll see if it sparks any interest.


Drago said...

Of course she has no interest because not being potty trained is very convenient. If it was socially acceptable to be watching tv and not have to get up off the couch to go to the bathroom you'd be doing it too.

Kate Parker said...

LOL. Speak for yourself (and your adult diapers), Drago.