Monday, May 5, 2008

99 Days

As much as I whine and complain about being pregnant, this pregnancy is flying by. Well, not those 6 weeks of constant throwing up and no energy, those were slow. But, since then things are going pretty fast. 99 days left. Wow.

I remember last year around this time counting down the days to my first Ironman. What a difference a year makes. I was much more dreading the IM than this baby though...I can't wait to meet her. With E, we were so stressed about what to buy, what we needed, what brands were the safest/best. which crib to get and most importantly, how the hell do we take care of a baby?? (I remember panic setting in with about a month to go and frantically ordering "The ABC's of Infant Care" DVD from Amazon. It was actually pretty good.)

It is so nice not to have all that stress this time around. We know (although it seems like the infant routine has escaped me now....I am pretty sure it will al come back) what we're doing this time and we really don't have much to buy. We've upgraded our baby monitor to a video one, gotten some clothes, but other than that? Not too much. My sister in law is lending me her double jogging stroller which is HUGE. Those things are expensive. Grab some diapers and we're all set. Right? Probably not, but pretty close anyway.

E is great. Sleeping like a champ in her new bunk beds. She loves them and is actually sleeping all night long without too much of a fuss going down. Wow. Love that! She's starting calling me her "best mom" in "you're my best mommy" when she's being sweet. I guess like a best friend, but a best mommy instead. Breaks my heart every time.

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