Friday, May 23, 2008


I am no longer the angry pregnant lady today. Yesterday, I sure was. I was irrationally angry with the doctors, my uterus and pretty much whoever got in my way. (I have a bit of a temper.)

Today? Much more rational. Even keel all the way. Insert deep yoga breath here.

Still no word from my doctor to clarify this whole bedrest/braxton hicks mess. My friend, Lauren, was awesome though. She's a nurse at the NICU at Northside (the baby hospital) so she knows what she's talking about. Lauren talked me down off the proverbial wall after reading my post from yesterday. She said, "If your BH are regular or you're having 6+/hour you're probably in early labor even though they don't hurt. If they're regular, they'll tell you to lie down and drink water. If they go away, ta da..stopped the progress. If not, labor has begun. Its all about how regular they are."

Thanks, Lauren.

So, my current plan is to take it easy this weekend...see how the BH are and take it from there. I refuse to think about bed rest now. Why do down that path if not necessary?

I honestly think they will go away on their own. Going to try to identify what makes them worse and avoid those things. Much better plan than getting pi$$ed off and angry at the world, no? :)

Hard to be mad when you've got this to laugh at/with.

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