Thursday, May 29, 2008


What is it about sweating that makes me so happy?

I got to workout for the first time today in a week and I couldn't stop smiling. I probably looked like a nut job....pedaling my heart out on the bike at the gym, waaay pregnant, and smiling from ear to ear. What a geek, I am. I had a brand new mix on my ipod which seemed to contribute to the good mood, too.

I had to stop the working out since last Thursday's deluge of Braxton-Hicks per my OB's instructions. I was going stir crazy though. An overload of pregnancy hormones and not working out DO NOT sit well with me. I think I need the release of endorphins to counteract the crazy preggo ones. Finally, got my OB on the phone last night and she gave me the okay to workout and see how that affects the frequency of the contractions. (I got the feeling that she was like, "why does this woman care so much about her workouts? She's 30 weeks pregnant! Just sit down, already!") So far, so good though.

So all is good with Baby No Name and Mommy. E's happy as a clam that the pool is open these days. She LOVES it. Jumping off the diving board already, like a big girl. She had me crying laughing yesterday with this gem.

We're at the bank and she says to the teller.....

"I want to hear you toot".

Toot=fart in 3 year-old-ease. She's full of it these days. Funny kid.

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