Monday, May 26, 2008

Mean Girls

Girls are tough. Not in a "rough and tumble" sort of way (although we can be), but in a "being friends and teammates can be a hard road" kind of way.

This article in the NY Times is about comments made last year by the goalie on the US women's soccer team regarding her getting benched in the World Cup. She was not happy and she said so. To the press. Boy, was there fallout. Seems like there still is. I feel for her.

I was lucky enough to love my soccer teammates in college...granted, we never had the pressure that these girls deal with. But, I completely understand how much it sucks not to play. It is hard to sit on the sidelines and watch. I was always lucky to have funny girls on my right and left on the bench with me, cracking each other up. Still do...although now it is via email, since we're all over the country.

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