Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great Day in Roswell

Today was a great day to call Roswell home...especially if you like to ride your bike.

Mike did the Roswell Mayor's Ride this morning with Eddie and Michelle. They did the 40 mile option...Mike said it was a great ride. Nice to get off the trainer and outside with some good company after being solo in the basement for months on end. E and I got a nice Horseshoe Bend run in while MIke was riding. So pretty out today. Hard not to enjoy it...even if I was jealous that I wasn't on my bike with my friends.

After lunch, we headed over to the Roswell Criterium. Our third year going and we all have a great time. I am always so impressed with the fearlessness of these riders...they are so close to one another and going SO fast as well. Not for me. I like my space on the bike. We saw a pretty gnarly crash that took out half the field of one race. Scary.

E loved cheering on the women this year and discovered that there were clowns making balloon animals, no less. Score one for E! We got to see a few races before our lack of extra diapers forced an early exit. NIce to catch up with friends and enjoy the great weather though.

Some pictures....

Mike and E at the Crit.

Ladies Race.

Jason Poon think the racers need MORE COWBELL!

Michelle explaining to Jason that you only need to ring the bell when the racers are close. Not the whole lap. :)


Team Luna said...

It was an honor to ride with Eddie and Mike yesterday. Not only are those guys superior cyclists, they are two of the coolest guys we've ever met.


Team Luna

Michelle said...

We miss you out on the bike too Kate!

Also, anyone posting as Team Luna and is not on the team, is in trouble.

Kate Parker said...

That wasn't the Luna Chicks????? Who would masquerade as them???

I forwarded the comment to Mike this AM thinking it was from Eddie and thought he'd crack up at it. Didn't realize he was the culprit. :)