Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where's my crane?

I should really put one on hold soon. One of those cranes to lift me out of my house when I get too big to walk or get out of bed. You know the kind that Geraldo or Montel used to have on their shows all the time?

I kid. Kind of. I have a confession to make. I broke a chair yesterday. Yep. Sat down. And it cracked and broke under my weight. I have to say it is a pretty flimsy chair that specifically says "4 years and under" on the side and I would probably have broken it before I got so....um, voluptuous, so to speak. But, whatever, I still broke a chair.

What else can you do but laugh? Mike did. My next door neighbor did when she saw it. Ella did. And I did, too. I think Annabelle was snickering at me, too in her little dog head.

Here's E with the remnants.

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