Thursday, May 15, 2008

You deserve a lollipop...

That tootsie pop is for you, Mike. Although, I have to say, not sure if E is going to share. But, the sentiment is there, anyway.

We're impressed.

New job (same company, Mike is trading the oil now as opposed to um, something else that I was never totally clear about. Something about "reconciling the trades with the back office". Confusing either way.) No more mid-day workouts. Which means early, early AM ones or late ones. You rarely skip.

The crazy-trying-to- fit- her- terrible- two's- into- the- last- month- of- being- two- kid is not really giving you much of a break once you're home either. You deal.

The pregnant and unhappy she's not training for a hundred races wife as ever?
Maybe not. :)

Once again, impressive.

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