Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How much longer?

I know I just said the other day how fast this pregnancy was going by. BUT, I am pregnant, hormonal and inclined to change my mind. Today, I feel like I've been pregnant forever....and will be pregnant forever. The pregnancy, like me, is dragging today.

The residual soreness (sacrum) from a run on Sunday with Mike and Ella (a fun run and worth it) is annoying to say the least. We ran for a half an hour....not 2 or 3 hours, not even 45 minutes. 30 minutes! And I am in pain and sort of limping around 2 days later. Waah.

Alright, done with the whining (um, that's only for today. I can promise there will be more.)

Got some stuff for Baby No Name today. Crib sheets, bumpers, a sling (didn't have one of these for E, we used the Baby Bjorn -- or more accurately put, "we didn't use the Baby Bjorn" -- hence the sling purchase.) I have a feeling I am going to need my hands free for Ella's myriad requests. It is going to be hard to play cowboys, draw, blow bubbles all while holding an infant. E's not too big on sharing Mommy either.

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