Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back in the saddle...


I rode my tri bike for the first time since November. And it was not bad. Not bad at all.


I had to de-spider the poor thing, but she treated me well for my 30 minute spin. Aero felt fine. No problems with the seat...or MY seat, either. I even remembered how to put the thing on the trainer.

Success. :)

Good thing since all this running I've been doing (with extra relaxin from the pregnancy still swimming around in me AND the 11 extra pounds I am carrying around) has done a number on my knees. SO SORE. I am hoping a little biking and a little swimming instead might give them a break for a few days.


Joe Reger said...

That must be the problem I'm having with my saddle... I don't have a butterfly! Glad you're back to riding... definitely lower stress on the joints and I believe my wife hit the bike early in her post-pregnancy days too.

Mama Simmons said...

Awesome! That's so good to hear... my poor bikes have been collecting dust for months... flat tires and all. I was thinking I'd be able to ride again around Christmas, but if I follow your schedule, could be before that! Glad you're doing so well. :)

N.D. said...

That's great you are back on so quickly!! :) Thanks for your comment/support for what I'm going through right now!