Sunday, August 17, 2008

Me @ 3.5 weeks post partum

On the heels of my scorching 35 minute 4 mile run on the treadmill yesterday (sarcasm), I wanted a record of how I was feeling 3.5 weeks after having Alice.

I have a terrible memory and I know I will forget.

Running (the only form of exercise I have yet to do) feels fine. Even though I am still 12 lbs. up from my normal weight, I feel light as a feather out there. My runs are slow and sluggish at times, normal speed at times and my fitness is slowly, slowly coming along. Surprisingly, I am not impatient with this....I know it is a process and am enjoying the process of getting back into shape and losing weight. (Pregnancy was the exact opposite to me. Gaining weight and losing fitness!)

I am still scared to mount my bike. That saddle looks SO unforgiving right now. Maybe next week I'll try the trainer? Maybe....

I've got my eye on 2 upcoming 5k' at the end of September and one in October. No expectations...just would be awesome to race again. After that? We'll see.

My body right now is um, let's just say, different? Can you say "muffin top"? I definitely have a jelly belly. No abs. None at all. (I feel this on my runs. My lower abdomen is sore when I start running and after, too. There's NO muscle tone.) At least I no longer look pregnant...trying to see the bright side here. :)

I really want to get back into all my old clothes. Some fit, most don't. I am hoping by the fall (October) my favorite Rock and Republic jeans are going to fit. Fingers crossed!


The Chapples said...

I love your attitude. Hopefully I will adopt a similar one in about 10 weeks - patience seems to be key in the recovery/comeback process, eh?

N.D. said...

Your run though sounds pretty decently fast, but I'm not sure of your normal speed. The 5ks sound great. It is nice to read how you are doing and I think you are ahead of the game, while many new moms are still unable to run! Great job!

Mama Simmons said...

Thanks for the update. I find myself SO INTERESTED these days in how women recover from childbirth! ;) Will you email me at I have a personal question for you that's maybe best not put on a public blog... Thanks!

Heather said...

To me, a 35 minute 4 mile training run sounds pretty fast even not 3.5 weeks postpartum :)
I know it's a comparison to where you normally are, though.

I can't wait to get out and run!

And the ab muscles-- yes... what happens to those? I don't feel them under the fat on my stomach anymore! Do they come out with delivery? :D