Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Trails

I got to do one of my favorite things today. Trail running.

I don't get to do it too often (don't like to be alone. in the woods. getting lost. imagining scary men behind me.) but when I do, I always really, really enjoy myself. Plus, today I got to run with Mike (and Kevin -- his brother, who is visiting from NYC and in training for the NY Marathon in November.)

The thing that's so much fun about trail running is that it always feels like a game.

Pick your line.

Go with it.

Maybe you fall. Maybe you twist an ankle. Maybe not. I like walking that fine line between how fast can you go before you definitely eat it.

I am usually paying so much attention to where I am putting my feet that I forget to be tired. Or bored.


Mike and I post run today.

Mike and Kevin recovering. (Although they mostly just look like they got some really bad news. Weirdos.)


The Chapples said...

Sounds fun! I bet it feels great to be out there again.

Mama Simmons said...

Ahhhh... that sounds great! Glad you had some time for sanity with your hubby too!