Saturday, August 9, 2008

Early Birthday Celebration

Recipe for a great Saturday night.

Babysitter. (Thanks, Mom)

That is really all you need, but we were lucky enough to have a few more ingredients today.

Delicious dinner -- Hi-Life. Hard to beat. Close enough to home to feed Alice and run over there and be back in time for the next one. And really yummy. My first "cheat" meal post partum (really working here to drop this weight, but you've gotta enjoy yourself once in a while, right?) Gorgonzola topped hamburger, yes, please!

Tivo'd Olympics. -- Loving it all so far. Although, I think Costas went a bit hard with the Grecian Formula...dontcha think? He looks a bit like Elvis.

Question for the "real" swimmers out there (Lauren?) -- why do they gargle the pool water before the race starts? Seems kind of gross to me. I am far from a "real" swimmer though, so what do I know? Also, why does Katie Hoff tape her eyebrows? Strange.

Happy Early 40th, Mike....that was our reason behind our solo dinner tonight. Mike turns the big 4-0 on Wednesday.


Mimi said...

You are very welcome, Katie B.
It's the least I could do for Mike's big 4-0.
As an unbiased reader of your blog, I think that pictures of Alice and Ella would make every post more interesting to the average reader....

Love from your Famdally

Michelle and Scott said...

The fact that you have been able to get out of the house so much is an inspiration to me! My biggest fear is that I'm stuck here in my house after the baby is born... but I'm not gonna let that happen!

Btw, I would consider myself a 'swimmer'... but I have no idea why they put the pool water in their mouths? Maybe so they don't have a massive urge to open their mouths after the dive in (causing drag?) Totally a guess!

Lauren said...

Why do swimmers gurgle water? no reason, just a habit before a race
And the red above Hoff's eye brows are from the goggles :) tape.