Sunday, August 10, 2008

I never said I was smart...

And today proves it.

You'd think that we have enough stress these days with a newborn in the house, right?

Apparently, not enough for me.

I decided TODAY was THE day to change out our living room into a playroom for Ella and Alice. (We already have a playroom on our third floor, but I wanted it downstairs so I could see the girls while they are playing...thought it would be easier for me and safer for them. This is all once Alice is sitting up and playing on her own, of course.)

The half living room half playroom that was currently existing was really bugging me. I wanted it one way or the other.

So, we moved couches. Moved chairs. Moved bookshelves. Dismantled three formerly neat rooms. Took pictures down. Took rugs up. Just essentially made a mess of the whole house.

Argh. I was so stressed with all the clutter. Poor Mike. He literally pushed me out the door to run to relieve some of my stress. (All of my own doing, of course.)

Well, we're done for today. And it actually doesn't look half bad. Still have pictures to hang, a rug to buy, lights to install..but you get the picture. E has a place where she can do "projects" and not worry about getting paint everywhere.

Wait, she doesn't worry about that at all. I do.

Once again, never said I was smart.

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