Tuesday, August 26, 2008


That's me.

Very impatient today.

I want my old fitness back.

I want my old body back.

I want them back.


Or yesterday would be fine, too.

My weight loss seems to have stalled despite eating really well and exercising. Ugh.

My knees are starting to feel better (haven't run since Thursday) but the bike trainer alone ain't gonna keep me happy too much longer.

I want to run. Hard and fast and long. (yes, those are three different runs. I'd like to do all 3 sans knee pain and these 11 extra lbs.)

I know it takes time. And I know it will come. Just not soon enough for me...today. Most days, sure, I am happy with where I am physically. Not this rainy Tuesday though.


Mama Simmons said...

I hear ya! And I still have 10 more weeks til I'm due. ARGH.

Keep at it. You're the inspiration for all of us who have yet to labor...

N.D. said...

Patience, patience! You'll get there and forget this time! And I think you are done being pregnant forever (SO JEALOUS OF YOU!) - so realize that you'll be fit and running for 3 hours and doing IMs the rest of your life!!
You're doing great!

Lauren said...

The last 10 lbs slowly trickled off for me as well. About 1 every 2 weeks or so. You'll be smaller than you were to begin with chasing 2 little ones around :) No worries.