Friday, August 15, 2008

Running on empty

We're low on the sleep meter lately. As to be expected, of course. Why?

Alarm Clock # 1.

Those chunky cheeks are the result of 3 feedings in the ungodly hours of 1:30 AM, 4-5AM, and 6ish AM. The alarm at first resembles a piglet (err, err, err, snort, snort) quickly escalating to "Waah, Waah, Waah" followed immediately by frenzied running around/diaper changing/feeding/swaddling in order not to wake....

Alarm Clock #2.

This particular model is unpredictable(6am-9am). We have noticed an unfavorable correlation between the number of hours of parental sleep and the hour of wake up. The fewer hours of sleep, the earlier the alarm seems to be set for. No sleep due to alarm clock #1? Alarm clock #2 is at the ready at 6:03 the next morning. Rearing to go.

Cute alarm clocks. When does the first one stop going off in the middle of the night again? 3 months? Something like that? Right???


Michelle and Scott said...

Well that first alarm clock looks very quiet and harmless! If it's malfunctioning in the middle of the night maybe you can take it back? Don't they come with a warranty? ;)

Kate Parker said...

Good call! Might have to check that one out. :)