Saturday, August 2, 2008

How cute are these?

My friend, Michelle, made these onesies for Alice. How adorable. So freaking cute. She's so crafty.

Thanks, Michelle and Eddie (Eddie -- I know you were highly involved in the process, right?)

Can't wait for her to fit into them. She's still in preemie clothes, not even fitting into the newborn stuff yet. What a peanut.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Nice one here so far. I got a chance to run around 2 today....seriously, can it get any hotter? So hot that my first shower didn't "take" if you know what I mean. Sweating profusely after for about 20 minutes sitting in our air conditioning with a fan in my face. Nice.

Run felt great though. My uterus did not fall out (I am being careful though, Lauren!)....thankfully. Just enjoying how light I feel out there. Still have quite a ways to go to get back down to my normal weight (14 lbs. to go) but it seems to be coming off pretty well so far. Trying not to think TOO much about it. Just psyched to be starting to fit into some regular clothes again!


N.D. said...

Only 14 lbs to go, wow. That's amazing! How much had you gained for the pregnancy!! 14 lbs is nuts at this point - so fast! wow!!!!

OMG,I love the onesies. They are sooo adorable. She should start a company!!! Or sell them!! My favorite is the "my mommy is faster than your mommy" one. So cute!

Lauren said...

I love the onsies!! I'm glad you're being careful :)

Danielle said...

Those are really cute! I will have to find out how Michelle made those! I can't believe you are running already, it must feel amazing (and difficult at the same time!)