Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting wet

Swim-my day all around for the Parkers. Met Lauren at LA Fitness for a pool session. (Very weak, lazy, unmotivated pool session by me to be specific :) I had to apologize for flashing Lauren with my see through bathing suit. Yes, I know....I am a very classy pregnant lady, right? Well, my most comfortable suit (with this soccer ball in my belly) happens to be a little risque....ahem...up top, if you catch my drift. I figured comfort was my priority...screw modesty. :)

Thanks for lending me your flippers, Lauren. Honestly, its like cheating swimming with those little motors. Can't wait until mine arrive in the mail!

After my swim, E and I went to her first swim class at Seaventures. She LOVED it. I was so proud of my little water bug. She jumped right in with the teacher. (I didn't go in once.) Kicked, blew bubbles, went under. So cute. And, oh yeah, threw a major tantrum (kicking, flailing around, screaming) when she realized class was done. Nice. Guess a 2 minute warning might be a good idea next week. So happy that she enjoyed it so much and even happier now that she's napping for the first time in 4 days. She still likes to chat about how much she misses the paci, but E seems to be coping without it. Phew. I was starting to reach my breaking point!

Some pics from class. BTW -- She picked out the horrid, orange colored Dora suit. Not me. :)

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