Friday, April 4, 2008


I am D.I.D today. (that's what MIke calls it, "Down in the Dumps.) We had a stressful/sad week here.

Our neighbors/friends in Ella's playgroup lost their 17 month old little girl on Wednesday night. I can't imagine anything more awful. My heart is breaking for them. Meredith had a congenital heart problem that just got worse and worse rather quickly. It was just a couple weeks ago that she was over here playing with Annabelle. (She loved dogs and would squeal and clap her hands when she saw Annabelle.) Please say some prayers for her family.

On a much less awful note, I was also stressing this week about some spotting/cramping I had after a run on Wednesday. (Sorry if TMI!) Had to "put my feet up" according to my OB yesterday and was still feeling it this AM, so I went in for a check. Everything looks okay. I just need to take it easy for the rest of the weekend and not run until after we get back from the Turks and Caicos next week. Sucks, but I am so relieved everything is okay. 22 weeks is WAY too early for pre-term labor. My head was spinning last night with thoughts of bed rest/hospital stays....of course, I immediately jumped to the worst case scenario at 11pm when I wasn't able to sleep. I hate that I am not able to do what I want to, but apparently, my body is smarter than my mind and I am doing too much right now and need to scale back a bit.

Here's to an easy weekend, getting some rest, spending some time with my family and getting out of the "dumps". :)

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