Monday, April 14, 2008

Frost, Hail, Sleet? could have fooled me that we live in Georgia. Had all three of those things today. Strange day, weatherwise. Hard to take in April! Even harder to take after coming off of four days of the hot Caribbean sun.

Happy to be home. Happy to see our little E. We got a great greeting last night when we pulled up. She definitely missed her Mommy and Daddy. We think we're done with vacations (longer than 2 days) without the little one(s) anymore. Although we really did enjoy our time away, I think we would have had a better time with her there. She's fun to be around. :)

My spoiled self had no real motivation to work out today. I wanted to run on the beach and swim in the Caribbean.....NOT ride the exercise bike in LA Fitness. Um, I'd better get over

I type this entry as I am sitting in the dark in Ella's room willing her to go to sleep. She's just not that into sleeping lately. Hates when we leave her room, freaks out and cries and screams. She's fine with me in here though, so here's to hoping she's out sometime soon. At least earlier than last night. (11pm) Ugh.

Congrats to all the IMAZ finishers yesterday. Looked like it was a tough day out there.

The rest of our vacation pictures on in the slideshow (down to the right) if you're interested...

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Justin said...

you should wear more ironman gear.

also, i bet if you asked someone they might actually take a picture of you and mike for you. just sayin.