Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wiggles Wednesday

That's E and my Dad at lunch today (my sister came, too). He's on his way up from Savannah to Chicago to stay with my brother and his family. E's watching her "Wiggles" video that he brought for her right now during our newly established "quiet time". Quiet time+no nap=a kid that sleeps at night. Hallelujah.

Had my 26 week OB appointment today. Everything looks good. My weight gain is fine. (too much for me, but whatever...) Blood pressure is nice and low -- 98/57-- so no looming signs of pre/eclampsia/HELLP syndrome. Phew. Baby's HR is good. I forgot to bring my 24 hour urine test in (yes, all day long yesterday I had to pee into a cup and store it in a cooler in the fridge. So gross. Pee or apple juice? Let's double check!) so have to return again tomorrow pee filled cooler in hand. They're testing it for protein in the urine, apparently that is not a good sign either. A pain in the a$$ to be tied to the house all day for sure, but glad they're concerned and happy to oblige.

E's doing well. Super excited to turn 3 (May 27th) and for her birthday party. She's having a jumphouse and tons of bubbles. (She's obsessed with bubbles.) She cracks me up all the time...told me today after I told her we're twins since we're both wearing fleece vests. She said, "we're twins?" "Carry me, twin!".


Mimi said...

Such a coot picture of Ella and the other Poppa. Nice to meet you. Love Mimi

Anonymous said...

cute, cute