Friday, April 25, 2008

"You doing Ironman, Mommy?"

Had a funny conversation with E on the way to the gym this AM.

Ella-"what you do at the gym, mommy?"

Me--"planning on running today, E"

Ella--"you doing Ironman today, mommy?"

Me--laughing"um...nope, not today!"

Ella--"why you wear an Ironman hat then?"

Wow. I got called out by a 3 year old.


Michelle said...

OMG! LOVE it! :)

Michelle said...
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Lauren said...

That is hilarious! sorry I've missed you at the gym this week... got a yucky cold :( We'll be there next week.

Drago said...

Wow! That is great! You need to have her do that to one of those people at the gym wearing Ironman gear who haven't actually done an Ironman.

Mimi said...

Such a coot picture of the E. I think it's Ironman worthy that you're still at the gym every day.
There must be a very small demographic of 2 yr. olds that can recognize the Ironman logo.....