Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 months

I am in my 6th month of pregnancy right now and would kill for a fartlek. Sounds strange, but I would love mile repeats, 3x15 intervals on the bike and a hard, hard swim that leaves my ears throbbing. (always a sign, for me, that I swam hard.) I am dying to soak my shirt, front and back and have my legs dripping with sweat and to hang my head, hands on my knees, with exhaustion.

Really don't want a drink, don't want to eat sushi, don't want any of those other pregnancy taboos. (although I do miss goat cheese).

What I want is pure, physical exhaustion from an awesome workout. A definite pregnancy no-no.

Although, this kicking in my belly is pretty cool, too. A suitable substitute until August. :)


Anonymous said...

I can't even come up with a response to this!!!!! lou

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Alicia Parr said...

Hmmm...I don't know about mile repeats or intervals. Those I could do without. But I do understand the desire to feel coated in sweat and tired-buzzed in a way that only a nice, tough workout can give you. I wouldn't mind a little sushi either, but that's a small sacrifice to make.