Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Day of Rest

Mike just sat down on the couch next to me and said (pretty sternly), "I don't think you should do anything this week but walk...sorry."

He's right. I know. No more spotting (phew), but still cramping today. Braxton-Hicks seem to taper off and then pick up when I get somewhat active. I tried to swim (very easily) yesterday and it was a no go...too many BH's to feel comfortable. So, I was the big, pregnant lady at the pool with her feet in the hot tub (can't even relax in the hot tub while Mike finishes his swim...not allowed in pregnancy) wearing a see through bathing suit and pouting. Things are going downhill fast. ;)

So today is Sunday. Rest day. How fitting.

Only thing on the schedule is a lunch out (I am sure you're so surprised, Justin!) and trip to the grocery store. We need some bananas. Mike's been "thriving" as he calls it. We got the book called the "Thrive Diet" which is basically a whole foods/organic/plant and nut based way of eating. He's into it. I made him some homemade energy bars which are not so bad. (Coming from picky eater me, that's saying a lot.) Planning on making some sugar free banana bread today. Hoping it tastes good, not sure how sweet coconut oil and agave syrup are......we'll see.

Blueberry/flax seed/carob powder/buckwheat/almond energy bars. Yum.


Alicia Parr said...

Those bars look awesome. And they're gluten free!!! Yum.

Today we had some made with dates, walnuts, craisins, soy protein powder and agave syrup. Also yummy. I like agave syrup as a sweetener-- plenty sweet with a lower glycemic index that other options.

Kate Parker said...

Oooo....I like yours! Gonna try that next. Mash it all up in the food processor???