Wednesday, April 23, 2008


or aka --"what used to be easy is no longer". As the baby grows, so does the belly. As the belly grows, so does the discomfort. (and the complaining, too.) So, what exactly is changing? Well, physically a lot.

Rolling over at night --- not so easy any more. Groaning and sighing and propping myself up on my elbows are now necessary, as is waking up. Pha-tooey.

My tan from Turks and Caicos is now just turning into brown splotches on my face. Thanks pregnancy melasma. You rock.

Oh, the slowness! My treadmill runs are now 6.2/6.3 mph. Wow. I am so thankful to still be running though, so no complaints there. Can't wait for that first post partum run though...light as a feather!

Getting up -- these days I have to really want something to get my fat butt up from wherever I am sitting. Lazy or uncomfortable? Yeah, both. :)

Holding Ella - I have about a 2 minute limit on holding my 31 lb. "baby" these days. And, oh, does she love to be held. And carried up stairs, while I have my gym backpack on (another 30 lbs) and carrying groceries. My low back does not like this one bit.

Sitting -- I like to sit down a lot these days. Just to take some pressure off my back. Sitting is comfortable, standing....not so much. I think it is time for an adjustment...they do seem to help a lot.

Those are the main ones and boy do I know that they are only going to get worse. As of tomorrow, 25 weeks down, 15 weeks to go.

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