Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy, Busy

Busy weekend for us. Winetasting/Silent Auction on Friday night (we scored the best thing all3sports gift certificate for $100 for only $60 bucks. What a deal! We also got some cool art, tickets to a golf tournament, and microdermabrasion gift cards. Hoping that helps with these new pregnancy "freckles" of mine.), 2 parties on Saturday and lunch with a friend on Sunday. We were pooped and then spent the rest of Sunday putting together E's new "big girl" beds.

She got new bunk beds from Ikea for her new "big girl" room. Although, since she dropped her naps, she is FINALLY sleeping at night and we're wary of making any changes that might mess with her delicate sleep patterns. She's like the stinking princess and the pea these days!

Mike and I (and Baby No Name) on the way to the Auction.

I think I am starting nesting for the new little one. (Still no definite names for her. We're down to 2 choices...we think and just keep going back to them to see how we still like them. No idea when we're going to decide.) I've been trying to get things set for her arrival, clean stuff up, PLANT FLOWERS (totally unlike me), just generally want to have the house under control before things get too far along and I have zero energy for it.

Working out continues to feel good (yay!). I've been running/biking and swimming still and trying to get in 5-6 days a week. I aim for 40 minutes of cardio and some lifting afterward most days and it seems to be working for me. Feel like I got a good sweat in, but not exhausted from my workouts. I am a geek at the gym and carry around my copy of "Buff Moms to Be" since I really hate to lift and know nothing about it.....I like this book since it helps me to not do exercises that might hurt me or the baby.

Me and the "Princess" are enjoying quiet time right now with Elmo and Sesame Street.

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