Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mourning the loss

That's what Ella is doing right now. Mourning (not quietly either) the loss of her paci's. (The "paci fairy" replaced them with a Thomas train last night.)

She's actually doing better than I thought, just kind of whining and calling for "DADDY!!", but not screaming/crying like last night or her nap today. I feel for the kid....I really do, but she can't have the paci's forever. We were already pushing it letting her coast to almost 3 years old and paci-addicted. Cold turkey is a tough way to do it though. Ugh.

Mike and E did some yoga this weekend to relieve her tension. She loved it. Downward dog and cobra were her favorites.

Pretty basic weekend all around for the Parkers. Neighborhood bake sale/painful neighborhood run (Braxton-Hicks contractions were KILLING me most of the run. Gotta check with my doc at my next appt. whether or not this is cool.)/trip to Ikea to get E "big girl" furniture/cheat meal at Chilis. "The glamour-glamourous life" as Fergie would say. :)

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Drago said...

Wow! Black socks with shorts... Ella's grandpa looks like he is really flexible.