Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who is the doctor?

Another OB appointment today. Another day frustrated with my care (or lack of it.)

Sheesh. I am trying to determine if what I am feeling (frustration) is warranted OR if I am a crazy, pregnant lady who expects too much. Honestly, right now, I am not sure. Thoughts are always welcome. :)

A little background...
I switched OB's at the beginning of this pregnancy since my last OB had a HUGE miss and dismissed a bunch of symptoms that I had post partum with Ella that ended up as full fledged eclampsia, complete with seizures. No fun.

So, this time, I am admittedly oversensitive to anything that I think puts me or the baby in danger (i.e. high blood pressure, swelling -- all signs of pre-eclampsia).

Head in today for my 32 week appt. BP is 120/? (can't remember that second number). High for me. Usually I am at 100/50something. I have to ask what it is..."Oh, it is good." Me -- "What is it exactly?" She tells me and I have to almost shout that this is high for me and not a good number. Doesn't seem to care that this # is not my normal BP. She says "we don't worry about it unless it is 140 at least." Um, okay. So, with my history of eclampsia and normally low blood pressure, this is nothing to worry about??? Sounded off to me. I checked later on this at home...

"High blood pressure is defined as blood pressure of 140/90 or greater as measured on two separate occasions within six hours. However, a woman who normally has a low baseline blood pressure, such as 90/60, could be considered hypertensive at a blood pressure of less than that - especially if she has other symptoms. A rise in the diastolic (lower number) of 15 degrees or more, or a rise in the systolic (upper number) of 30 degrees or more is cause for concern."

So, I guess if I am at 130/65 something, I should be worried.

Why do I have to be the one to determine this? Seriously, isn't this the job of the doctor? I also had to remind them of additional testing that I need.....Why am I having to ASK for this testing? Shouldn't they be the ones to suggest it? Pha-tooey.

Gonna let this sit for tonight and see if I feel like changing OB's at 32 weeks tomorrow. I am leaning towards it. I think my doctors are good, just too busy to get their jobs done least for me, it seems.

Or, I could be a crazy, hormonal pregnant lady. Always, a possibility. :)

Ella provided her usual levity by singing to me (and Mike) the ever popular "The Farmer in the Jell-O" on the way home from Taco Mac. Her version of a remix to "Farmer in the Dell".


Mindy said...

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Heather said...

I feel the same way when they take my blood pressure... It's been higher all pregnancy long (I normally was 90/60 to 105/56) but my doctor insists all is fine if I am under 140. Since I don't have all the other symptoms, I'm just assuming he's right.