Monday, June 23, 2008

Knocked Up

Not too much going on design.

I am consciously trying not to plan/take on a lot these last few weeks before little No Name (yep, nothing, nada, no progress on her name.) arrives. I love the quality time with E and don't want any extra stress these days, especially since I know what is coming (lots of it).

Plus, I am pretty low on energy most of the time anyway. Works out well.

Saturday night we headed down to Buckhead for a birthday party (Happy Birthday, Phil). Been a while for us. Unless it is in Roswell and they hand out crayons with your meal....we probably haven't been for 3+ years. We ended up at the new Fado near the end of our night. Obviously, not our scene, but hey, we're here for a party. I got SO many strange looks, stares and whispers once we were in there. I was drinking a DIET COKE! Not smoking crack and doing lines in the bathroom, geez. Yes, I am obviously pregnant and in a bar. Apparently, that makes me BAD. ;)

Mike and I were cracking up...feeling like we were living that scene in "Knocked Up" where the bouncer won't allow the sisters into the club. His reason....

"You old, she pregnant. Can't have a bunch of old pregnant b@#$% running around."

Post swim lessons today. A total waste of time/money this time. E was not in the mood to learn and/or swim and barely did either.

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