Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain, Rain..

...Go Away! The weather played a cruel joke on Ella today.

We were at the pool (her favorite thing in the "whole wide world"). One jump in. Then.....BOOM BOOM!

Stinking thunder came.

Pool closed.

Poor E, who is scared of thunder, and who does not leave the pool on good terms (normally crying) lost her sh%$. Scared and mad is not a good combo for a tired, napless 3 year old.

All is well now. Painting her Dora mailbox (thanks, Baums!) seems to soothe her nerves.

All is well with me and Baby No Name, too. Work outs going well this week (40 minutes of cardio seem to be my max as of late.) Have my 32 week appt. at my OB tomorrow. Hoping they are going to tell me she's turned, but I have my doubts. Been visiting the new chiropractor, too.....he's hopeful that he can help her to see the light and get outta my ribs. We'll see...

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