Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy, Busy

We've been going non-stop since Friday. Ella's loving it. Surrounded by family and activity, she's in her element. I am going to miss all the help and company come Monday.

Started out Friday by going to eat at the restaurant that my sister works at...The River Room in Vinings. Good stuff. I took down a delicious crab cake BLT with my sister and Jamie (my brother in law).

My sister and E

Followed lunch with a swim with my mom and dad. She's not having ANY fun here either.

Apparently, my dad is a fan of scaring little children. :)

The guys rocked the house and put together our new deck furniture.

Then celebrated with margaritas

All followed up with dancing and Mexican food

Everyone else is in bed. Me? The pregnant lady? Not tired at all, for some reason. Must be all this help with Ella that gave me this second wind. Good chance to catch up on some episodes of "Kathy Griffin -- My Life on the D-List". Jealous? :)

More pics are in the slideshow on the right.

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Anonymous said...

I never know how to leave comments on this thing. Anyway love reading the blog...totally been thinking of you actually wrote you a note today! Hope you are doing well. I will call you soon. Mia keeps saying she wants to move to Georgia! Miss you Bug! -lou