Wednesday, June 4, 2008

31 weeks....

....almost. Tomorrow is 31 weeks. And I am a whale. See? There's got to be more room in there for more baby, but it is hard to remember/imagine this belly getting much bigger. (And then it all deflates into mushy jello-belly, ugh.)

E wanted in on the picture taking action today.

Workouts have resumed and "the crazies" are at bay. (Right, Mike?) Braxton-Hicks are there, but not so bad, so I just try to ignore them. I figure if there's something to worry about (um, like real labor), I can't ignore it. It will hurt too much! (Sound familiar, Lauren?!?)

Running, these days, has gone the way of tucking my shirt in. It's not easily doable anymore.

I try some days to rotate a minute on and a minute off. It has been replaced, for now, with the elliptical and the bike. I like those two since I get my heart rate up and sweat my a$$ off. I can't get my self going fast enough running to do either of those things. The payback for running is too great right now....limping around like a 90 year old the rest of the day is not worth 30 minutes of slow jogging.

Wow. Am I ever going to get back in shape? Seems likes such a long, hard road right now. Worth it, but, sheesh, gonna be tough.

Mike's doing well. Signed himself up for Chattanooga Oly in July. E and I are planning on going to cheer him on. I did that race 2 years ago....hilly and hot are what I remember. I think he'll be happy to get a race under his belt before his 1/2 Iron in November.


Alicia Parr said...

Looking Good!!

JP said...

well, I've never bothered to tuck my shirt in anyhow... :-D You look great! Just think how great walking is for hip strength!