Friday, June 20, 2008

One year ago....

...this weekend was my first (and far) Ironman. Wow. I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly.

Ironman Coeur D'Alene was an amazing experience and one I hope to be able to do again. (seems SO far away right now though.) Although definitely a closer Ironman for my next one...I've got IM Florida in my sights sometime in the next few years. I really would love to have more family there for the next one, the flights, the travel, the hassle of going across the country is not my thing, especially when you have the huge stress of doing an Ironman.

I just dropped off my wetsuit with a friend who is borrowing it for a race next me thinking about what I would like to do next year. I basically would love to be able to do a few races....some smaller sprints, possibly Gulf Coast and some Olympics, definitely some 5 and 10Ks and maybe a half mary thrown in there.

After I had E, I got back to running after 3 weeks. Seems so soon to me now. (I was so sneaky about it, too. Take E out in her regular stroller, not the jogging one yet, and then get around the corner where no one could see and start to run. I thought everyone would yell at me for running so soon.)

Did a few 5K's after 3 months. Then, I did a half marathon 5 months post partum and it didn't feel like I was pushing it or it was too soon (I actually PR'd). It felt right. Same thing with Gulf Coast when she was a little under a year. Felt right and really good to be doing something that was just for me.

Who knows with this one? One thing I do not want to do is get down on myself if I am not where I was last time around (easier said than done, I am sure.) All I can say is that I am salivating over the thought of it all. Can't wait to get back to racing.

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Heather said...

One year ago today - wow.
I really want to do an Ironman one day.

I'm so nervous about how long it will take my body to recover-- I know there's no way to really predict and it will be what it will be, but it will be the longest I've gone without in 9 years, probably!
Good luck to you for another relatively fast recovery!!!