Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I have more than my fair share. A few...

1. Bravo Reality TV shows -- i.e. "Real Housewives of NY", "Top Chef", "Workout", "Project Runway"-- all on our DVR. They're just plain awesome. Terribly, terribly shallow and therefore...awesome.

2. Fun Dip -- yes, I know. It is colored sugar. That's it. But, I love me some sugar. Esp. the sticks that you eat it with...those are like the dessert after the sugar. Yum.

3. Chick books -- While I like to read some heavier books now and again, I look at these books (i.e Emily Giffin, Jane Green) as palate cleansers. (Def. recommend "Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin and am now just starting "Second Chance" by Jane Green). No one can subsist on a diet of "1000 Splendid Suns" all the time. Well....at least, I can't.

4. Perezhilton.com/tmz.com/mollygood.com -- These are the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. All gossip sites and all awful, but SO good.

5. Shoes -- I have gotten way into buying shoes these days. Wonder why? Well, nothing else looks good/fits right/or will be in my closet come September. Shoes always fit no matter how big my belly gets. I can't seem to stop getting more Keen shoes. They're so comfortable and nice looking (I think). Also, got some new Chaco flops that rock.

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unbiased reader said...

I totalluy agree with you on all points. Except the Fun Dip.I'm still stuck on Swedish Fish and Dots. And Good and Plenty.
I would like to suggest to you that any post is greatly improved when a picture of Ella Ann is included.