Monday, June 2, 2008

Crawling like a baby

That's how you're going to find me the next few weeks....crawling around like a baby on all fours. Either that or rocking with my pelvis raised, or maybe at the chiropractor getting the Webster Technique. Yep, baby no name is still breech and all of those things are said to help her to turn. (apparently, yelling at my stomach isn't doing the trick.)

According to my doc, still not a big deal and "nothing to worry" about at 30 weeks. They can easily turn up until 36 weeks (after that, I guess they stay put.) I am thinking though...that she is not going to turn. She's been this way since 20 weeks and hasn't moved since..I guess she likes her head in my ribs. I am going to do everything to try to get her out of there though. Proactive is my mindset for the next 6 weeks!

Especially since my perinatologist said that he would not recommend a version for me since I have an anterior placenta. (Learned a lot of new things today at the doc, I had no idea. No wonder I don't feel this little one moving as much as I did with E.)

If she doesn't turn, then the only option is a c-section. I am scared to death of this. I just don't want one. Not at all. Those celebrities that choose them baffle me. Not like regular labor is a walk in the park, but at least it is not major surgery! I've never had any BIG surgeries (knock wood) and having one right before months of sleepless nights is not a great place to start. Ugh, no thanks.

Good news is that she is healthy. Weighing in at 3 lbs 4 oz., measuring correctly, my fluid is good, BP is good. Essentially all is well if she would just TURN!! :) My mom thinks if we just gave her a name that would do the trick. Still no luck in that department. Working on it though...

Her little foot from my ultrasound today.

Profile at 30 weeks.

She's holding the cord here. 3-D 24 week pic.

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