Thursday, June 5, 2008


Can't seem to get it together today. So, so tired. I have a hard time thinking "it is okay to be tired, you're 31 weeks pregnant. It is totally normal" as opposed to "GET YOUR LAZY A$$ UP AND GET SOME SH%$ DONE!". Yeah, sometimes the voice in my head is a little yell-y and has a potty mouth. :)

However, the getting breathless from WALKING UP THE STAIRS is just too much...come on, why is this BS. I fancy myself a pretty fit person, albeit a pregnant one, so why the Darth Vader imitation every time I encounter some stairs?

I was so tired/lazy that I canceled 2 doctor's appointments for today. One for me and one for E. Just couldn't rally enough to run around town all day getting to them. Plus, my mom was over and I was using her genius (it really is a gift!) for helping me hang pictures/rearrange the nursery. Made a big difference, really warmed it up. Still a work in progress, but this is what we have so far. Thanks, Mom!

Most little girls have Red Sox decorations in their rooms, right?

The dog pictures are ones my mom painted of Annabelle and Max.

Best thing here? The couch is a pull out, so I can sleep in here with her when needed. Mike's gonna love that.

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